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    24th of June 2015


    The 1st panel has the word balloons out of order.
    This is a very emotional page. I get the feels from it. And those old ladies in the background need a gut pillow punch!

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    25th of June 2015


    I wish they'd get it. Sadly, people do that kind of thing all the time in the real world. Just today I and my 4 guys were taking our lunch break at the horticultural garden. It was 92 for most of the day. My guys drank water, ate, and a lot of them dozed off in the grass. So did I for a bit, followed by sitting in the shade to read. As I'm reading who comes by but an older WASP fellow, who makes an offhand remark to his primped wife about lazy Mexicans. My guys are all mexican, and I've never seen anyone work SO HARD. They wear me, their crew leader, out daily. And this guy saw them for 5 minutes, on their lunch hour, and reinforces his bull**** opinion of his own superiority based on it. He didn't see the 6 hours of hard work they'd just done in the heat. He didn't see them kicking butt. But he decided he could pass judgement. If I hadn't been at work I would have told him to go....yeah you get the picture.
    We have to fight that kind of crap. I fight it with art.

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