Announcement Of Renovation
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    5th of September 2019


    Announcement of Renovation!

    Between life events and the work at hand, we've decided to take a few months off updating Parmeshen and its attached comic review blog, The Strip Show.

    First, the important thing: When will we be back to regular updates?

    February 2 of Roaring 2020!

    Now, what will we be doing until then?

    *Cleaning up and re-lettering old pages in order to make them more readable

    *Improving both websites

    *Building a buffer of new pages on Parmeshen

    *Building a buffer of reviews on the Strip Show

    *Finishing a couple big life events, including moving Olivia's grandma into a better long-term living situation and getting Nonir's business, Wandering Jotun Crafts, off the ground

    In the meantime, we'll still be putting up lots of interesting little things we see on social media.

    Hold your head high, and keep walking tall!

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