Open Door
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    13th of January 2015

    Andy P.

    Another guest? Hmmm.

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    14th of January 2015


    The pile of boots, coats and hats by the door should give a bit of a hint ;)
    I've borrowed a Romany custom for this called Tsheva, or Open Door; it was a tradition that any family that couldn't or didn't want to wander any more (say someone in the family was too sick or they'd started a lucrative business ect.) would keep a few extra cots/beds and let the location of their home be known to their community. This created a loose 'safe house' network across Europe and the Middle East where a Romany could be sure of finding at least a good night's sleep and a good meal in any big town, as well as company, safety, and advice from people who knew the area. These houses became the places where the Romany passed on news, traded stories, got and gave messages for friends and family, and generally stayed in touch. Not a bad system! In return, the host families got a small gift from everyone who visited (usually something to add to dinner, nothing pricey) and stayed in touch and included by their people. I've always liked that idea.

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