A Change Of Heart
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1st of January 2017


You know, when Dai'chi first appeared, I thought he'd be an obstructive and possibly antagonistic character who would just get in the way, but I really should have known better than that. Of course you wouldn't write somebody so flat, and he's turned out to be so much better than I gave him credit for. I really like how he has developed throughout the comic. You're a good character writer.

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2nd of January 2017


Aw thanks for the compliment! He has been fun to write, and a bit of a challenge, walking the line between reserved and, like you said, flat. We'd intended him to be someone who forces our main characters to start paying attention and stop writing off anyone they didn't agree with as unimportant, and as you see, even Baxt is starting to come around...a bit ;)

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