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1Intermission15th of November 20165 Comments

Book 1

Waifs, Strays and Exiles
2A Tale10th of December 20142 Comments
3Book 111th of December 20142 Comments
4Around the Fire11th of December 20149 Comments

Part 1: In The Language Of Half Truths

5Part 120th of December 20140 Comments
60120th of December 20145 Comments
70220th of December 20140 Comments
80320th of December 20142 Comments
90425th of December 20140 Comments
100526th of December 20144 Comments
110627th of December 20140 Comments
12071st of January 20150 Comments
13082nd of January 20150 Comments
14093rd of January 20155 Comments
150108th of January 20154 Comments
160119th of January 20154 Comments
1701210th of January 20152 Comments
1801316th of January 20150 Comments
1901417th of January 20152 Comments
2001518th of January 20156 Comments
2101623rd of January 20150 Comments
2201724th of January 20158 Comments
2301825th of January 20153 Comments
2401930th of January 20150 Comments
2502031st of January 20154 Comments
260211st of February 20152 Comments
270226th of February 20153 Comments
280237th of February 20156 Comments
290248th of February 20155 Comments
3002513th of February 20150 Comments
3102614th of February 20150 Comments
3202715th of February 20152 Comments
3302819th of February 20150 Comments
3402920th of February 20150 Comments
3503021st of February 20152 Comments
3603122nd of February 20153 Comments
3703227th of February 20150 Comments
3803328th of February 20155 Comments
390341st of March 20152 Comments
400356th of March 20152 Comments
410367th of March 20154 Comments
420379th of March 20154 Comments
4303813th of March 20150 Comments
4403914th of March 20150 Comments
4504015th of March 20156 Comments
464120th of March 20150 Comments
474221st of March 20151 Comments
484322nd of March 20156 Comments
494427th of March 20154 Comments
504528th of March 20152 Comments
514629th of March 20156 Comments
52473rd of April 20152 Comments
53484th of April 20150 Comments
54495th of April 20158 Comments
555010th of April 20152 Comments
565111th of April 20152 Comments
575212th of April 20150 Comments
5805317th of April 20156 Comments
5905418th of April 20152 Comments
6005519th of April 20154 Comments
615624th of April 20150 Comments
625725th of April 20152 Comments
635826th of April 20155 Comments
64591st of May 20152 Comments
65602nd of May 20152 Comments
66613rd of May 20156 Comments
67628th of May 20157 Comments
68639th of May 20150 Comments
696410th of May 201515 Comments
706515th of May 20150 Comments
716616th of May 20152 Comments
726717th of May 201510 Comments
736822nd of May 20152 Comments
746923rd of May 20152 Comments
757024th of May 20154 Comments
767129th of May 20150 Comments
777230th of May 20151 Comments
787331st of May 20154 Comments
79745th of June 20151 Comments
80756th of June 20152 Comments
81767th of June 20152 Comments
827712th of June 20154 Comments
837813th of June 20152 Comments
847914th of June 20154 Comments
858019th of June 20150 Comments
868120th of June 20152 Comments
878221st of June 20157 Comments
888326th of June 20154 Comments
898427th of June 20152 Comments
908528th of June 20155 Comments
91863rd of July 20154 Comments
92874th of July 20153 Comments
93885th of July 20151 Comments
948910th of July 20150 Comments
959011th of July 20150 Comments
969112th of July 20150 Comments
979217th of July 20152 Comments
989318th of July 20150 Comments
999419th of July 20150 Comments
1009524th of July 20151 Comments
1019625th of July 20150 Comments
1029726th of July 20150 Comments
103c09831st of July 20154 Comments
104c0991st of August 20150 Comments
105c1002nd of August 20153 Comments
106c1013rd of August 20151 Comments
107c1025th of August 20155 Comments
108c1037th of August 20150 Comments
109c10410th of August 20154 Comments
110c10512th of August 20154 Comments
111c10614th of August 20155 Comments
112c10717th of August 20153 Comments
113c10819th of August 20158 Comments
114c10921st of August 20152 Comments
115c11024th of August 20154 Comments
116c11126th of August 20156 Comments
117c11228th of August 20153 Comments
118c11331st of August 20152 Comments
119c1142nd of September 20152 Comments
120c1154th of September 20153 Comments
121c1167th of September 20152 Comments
122c1179th of September 20156 Comments
123c11811th of September 20158 Comments
124c11914th of September 20156 Comments
125c12016th of September 20152 Comments
126c12118th of September 20154 Comments
127c12221st of September 20150 Comments
128c12323rd of September 20157 Comments
129c12425th of September 20154 Comments
130c12528th of September 20154 Comments
131c12630th of September 20153 Comments
132c1272nd of October 20152 Comments
133c128: Bad Day At The Office5th of October 20152 Comments
134c129: No Apologies7th of October 20156 Comments

Part 2: Walking In Shadow

135The Storyteller's Warning9th of October 20152 Comments
136c131: Morning Shift12th of October 20158 Comments
137Part Two Cover Page14th of October 20153 Comments
138c133: New Developments16th of October 20153 Comments
139c134: Trainee?!19th of October 20156 Comments
140c135: The Kid21st of October 20152 Comments
141c136: First Day23rd of October 20152 Comments
142c137: Wait26th of October 20152 Comments
143c138: Door28th of October 20154 Comments
144Warnings30th of October 20153 Comments
145Long Story2nd of November 20154 Comments
146That Awkward Moment4th of November 20151 Comments
147The Puppy6th of November 20152 Comments
148Polylingual9th of November 20152 Comments
149Contains Disturbing Images11th of November 20155 Comments
150Fear13th of November 20159 Comments
151The Xar16th of November 20152 Comments
152Observational Acumen18th of November 20152 Comments
153Blood And Kisses20th of November 20154 Comments
154Cultural Sensitivity23rd of November 20152 Comments
155Off Duty25th of November 20151 Comments
156News27th of November 20150 Comments
157Talk30th of November 20152 Comments
158The Possibilites2nd of December 20151 Comments
159The Planning4th of December 20150 Comments
160Trial And Error7th of December 20155 Comments
161Crazy Capari!9th of December 20154 Comments
162Leave It To Me11th of December 20153 Comments
163Dinner And Details14th of December 20151 Comments
164Hopes And Welcomes16th of December 20151 Comments
165In From The Road18th of December 20155 Comments
166Breaking It Gently21st of December 20153 Comments
167Reactions23rd of December 20154 Comments
168Another Drink25th of December 20155 Comments
169Rookie Days28th of December 20153 Comments
170A Song To Sing30th of December 20150 Comments
171Song of Sorrow And Hope1st of January 201610 Comments
172Sommesing Up4th of January 20161 Comments
173A Good Man6th of January 20162 Comments
174Disciplinary Action8th of January 20166 Comments
175In The Dark11th of January 20161 Comments
176Formal Attire13th of January 20166 Comments
177Night Out15th of January 20164 Comments
178Midsummer Night18th of January 20162 Comments
179Time to Dance20th of January 20165 Comments
180The Fiddle Is Singing22nd of January 20164 Comments
181Wallflower24th of January 20162 Comments
182Searching In The Dark25th of January 20162 Comments
183Something In The Dark26th of January 20162 Comments
184A Word In Your Ear1st of February 20167 Comments
185A Friend In Need3rd of February 20165 Comments
186Voices In The Dark5th of February 20162 Comments
187Out Of Your Hide8th of February 20164 Comments
188Late Night Chats10th of February 20163 Comments
189The Morning After12th of February 20166 Comments
190At The Door15th of February 20164 Comments
191Sorting It Out17th of February 20161 Comments
192Surprises19th of February 20166 Comments
193Pleasantries22nd of February 20162 Comments
194In The Blood24th of February 20165 Comments
195Words To Free The Dead26th of February 20160 Comments
196Hard Words Said29th of February 20161 Comments
197I Trust You2nd of March 20162 Comments
198Close Your Eyes4th of March 20164 Comments
199In The Beginning7th of March 20163 Comments
200Days Of Glory9th of March 20160 Comments
201Sin And Shame11th of March 20163 Comments
202It All Comes Together14th of March 20160 Comments
203Making The Connection16th of March 201610 Comments
204Late For Work18th of March 20164 Comments
205Falling Into Place21st of March 20163 Comments
206Dark Times23rd of March 20162 Comments
207Night On The Town25th of March 20166 Comments
208Stand Back!28th of March 20165 Comments
209Think On Your Feet30th of March 20169 Comments
210Handful Of Feathers1st of April 20161 Comments
211Breathing Space4th of April 20164 Comments
212Licking Wounds6th of April 20164 Comments
213Reporting In8th of April 20164 Comments
214Convinced?11th of April 20162 Comments
215Relaxation Strategy13th of April 20166 Comments
216Told15th of April 20162 Comments
217Purity And Peace18th of April 20162 Comments
218Night Watch20th of April 20163 Comments
219Fire!22nd of April 20165 Comments
220Promise Made25th of April 20160 Comments
221Hold On Tight27th of April 20160 Comments
222The Old Fashioned Way29th of April 20164 Comments
223The Hunt2nd of May 20162 Comments
224Passing Judgements4th of May 20162 Comments
225Spring Schedule Change6th of May 20162 Comments
226Transgressions10th of May 20160 Comments
227Dismissal12th of May 20162 Comments
228Four In The Morning17th of May 20162 Comments
229Say Something19th of May 20164 Comments
230A Night's Rest24th of May 20166 Comments
231Blue Moon26th of May 20167 Comments
232Pencil Pusher31st of May 20160 Comments
233All Due Respect 2nd of June 20168 Comments
234Reasonable7th of June 20168 Comments
235The Badge 9th of June 20167 Comments

Part Three: The Pariah's Lullaby

236The Darkest Nights14th of June 20164 Comments
237Part 3 Coverpage16th of June 20160 Comments
238And All Before Breakfast21st of June 20167 Comments
239Best Medicine23rd of June 20162 Comments
240Cooking Lessons28th of June 20164 Comments
241The Hand Of Friendship30th of June 20164 Comments
242Boys And Girls Come Out To Play5th of July 20166 Comments
243Sorting Out7th of July 20164 Comments
244Golden Rule12th of July 20164 Comments
245Guessing Games14th of July 20162 Comments
246The Penny Drops19th of July 20162 Comments
247Pattern Recognition21st of July 20162 Comments
248When The Pieces Fit26th of July 20166 Comments
249Unanimous Vote 28th of July 20164 Comments
250Something To Say2nd of August 20162 Comments
251Rooftops And Reflections4th of August 20162 Comments
252Far From The Maddening Crowd9th of August 20163 Comments
253Enchante12th of August 20167 Comments
254More Than One Way To...16th of August 20165 Comments
255Rather A Fracas18th of August 20168 Comments
256Roundhouse23rd of August 20163 Comments
257Light A Candle25th of August 20161 Comments
258Things That Change30th of August 20167 Comments
259Jail Break1st of September 20169 Comments
260Running On Ice6th of September 20162 Comments
261Tie A Yellow Ribbon15th of September 20167 Comments
262Come Into My Parlor, Said The Spider To the Fly20th of September 20162 Comments
263The Duties Of A Good Host27th of September 20160 Comments
264Stories By The Fire29th of September 20168 Comments
265Perspective4th of October 20167 Comments
266Point Of View6th of October 20164 Comments
267The Waiting Game18th of October 20165 Comments
268A Matter Of Some Disagreement20th of October 20165 Comments
269Leaving The Party25th of October 20168 Comments
270Racing Shadows1st of November 20161 Comments
271In The Pale Moonlight5th of November 20163 Comments
272Shine A Light8th of November 20162 Comments
273To The Wall29th of November 20164 Comments
274Briefings And Obfustications13th of December 20165 Comments
275Scylla and Charybdis20th of December 201617 Comments
276A Change Of Heart27th of December 20162 Comments
277One Word Of Truth29th of December 20162 Comments
278The Storyteller's Duty3rd of January 20173 Comments
279Mot Juste5th of January 20179 Comments
280Cousins10th of January 201710 Comments
281Revelation17th of January 20171 Comments
282Battles And Wars19th of January 20173 Comments
283Night To Remember24th of January 20175 Comments
284Blue Moon26th of January 20171 Comments
285Dreamtime31st of January 20174 Comments
286dreams And Nightmares2nd of February 20170 Comments
287The Road Ahead7th of February 20177 Comments
288Duties And Darkness9th of February 20174 Comments
289Fire Light, Fire Bright14th of February 20175 Comments
290Blood So Bright, Blood So Red21st of February 20172 Comments
291Wages Of Sin23rd of February 20177 Comments
292Patience Is Bitter28th of February 20175 Comments
293Rounded With A Sleep2nd of March 201711 Comments
294Redamancy7th of March 20174 Comments
295Carrying Tales9th of March 20173 Comments
296Advisement14th of March 20174 Comments
297Interview Proceedings23rd of March 20178 Comments
298Information Recieved28th of March 20173 Comments
299Extenuating Circumstances30th of March 20173 Comments
300Collatoral Damage4th of April 20173 Comments
301Carrying On6th of April 201710 Comments
302On The Road Again20th of April 20175 Comments
303Seaside Perambulations27th of April 20171 Comments
304Guide Us In The Dark30th of April 20174 Comments
305So Close And Yet So Far3rd of May 20171 Comments
306Locks And Keys4th of May 20173 Comments
307Doorways9th of May 20171 Comments

Part Four: The Road Home

308Sing The Tale11th of May 20171 Comments
309Part 4 Coverpage16th of May 20173 Comments
310Bobbies' Knock25th of May 20173 Comments
311Shaking The Flannin28th of May 20174 Comments
312Clandestine Interviews8th of June 20176 Comments
313What A Long Strange Trip It's Been25th of June 20170 Comments
314Open Doors27th of June 20174 Comments
315Come To Pass7th of July 20175 Comments
316Bowing The Head13th of July 20173 Comments
317Words To Remember20th of July 20172 Comments
318Commander Yma's Explanation1st of August 20173 Comments
319How We Rise27th of August 20173 Comments
320Moving On31st of August 20174 Comments
321Rambling Along5th of September 20175 Comments
322Logistics12th of September 20174 Comments
323Restless Nights15th of September 20170 Comments
324Move Along, Get Along19th of September 20174 Comments